What to Consider When Renting a Party Tent?

You have an idea to make the party of your dream. You want to invite all your friends, and you want them to have fun. What should you pay attention to in this case? First of all, you need to pay attention to the weather and to choose dependable manufacturer due to the fact you cannot predict if it is going to rain or it will be shiny and hot. No matter what your weather forecast is presenting, these days you simply can never be sure 100%.

Guest count

Before you decide to rent a tent, consider your guest count. It will affect its size. If you are not sure about that you can completely have trust in party rental companies, with their experience you cannot make any mistake. The first question that they will ask you is whether you intend to use round tables or long tables. For round tables, you need to have 100 square feet for every eight guests, which are about 80 for long ones.

Pay attention to seating

Depends on what party you want to make you will need to pay attention if you are going to need a separate table or buffet area or maybe a dance floor? Our advice is to round up when you are making your calculations, just to be sure that your guests have enough room to feel comfortable.

Custom features

In most cases rental tents are white, but that depends on a company or manufacturer. If you decide to take a white one you can always add some elements to enhance the comfort level or simple to decorate your space. If you do not want to pay extra costs, you can save your money with custom lighting. More info on tent materials here.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is certainly the season of your party

If you chose a cooler month for your event note that it will be more expensive, you would have to pay extra for walls or tent heater or portable flooring, so it is better suited to buy a stretch tent instead. Some companies even put a carpet to make your tent look like a banquet hall. It is the main reason why you should consider when you will rent a tent.