Outdoor Partying with Your Friends. Things You Must Not Forget!

Partying outdoors with your friends or family can be such a beautiful event, or it can turn into a catastrophe if you are not prepared. To avoid any inconvenience, you need to organize everything before anyone arrives. You need to think about your activities, to keep everyone busy. Besides these activities, you also need to think about a lot of other things such as the drinks and the weather protection in form of a party tent.

Tent Care

tent careThe most important thing when it comes to tent care is to buy the one that has a waterproof coating. You need to protect your friends and family from UV rays or natural disaster. The great thing about these party tents is that you don’t have to care about the isolation because they are usually open. However, sometimes it is good to have one that can be closed to prevent insects from coming in. It is highly important here in South Africa.

Also having a closed party tent can save your friends and family from rain. Having a tent that is covering just from the top and not sides is not good choice if you are expecting rain. That is because the wind can blow the rain through the sides under the tent.


When it comes to clothing, just make sure that you’ve studied the weather forecasting and bring some warm clothes just in case. You never know when the weather is going to make you a surprise. It is highly important if you are making an outdoor party to provide some warm clothes to friends just in case the air gets really cold.


Where to put all the things that you don’t use all the time? This is a very commonly asked question because party tents have a limited space and you don’t want to use it up with things you don’t use, therefore the best way to deal with them is to put them away inside your home or cars to protect it from the weather.

Ever wanted to know how to make your own stretch tent? Follow this link to find out more !

Prepare your Friends and Family

The last thing but certainly maybe the most important is to prepare your friends and family that they are not going to party at some fancy club. Prepare them for all the things nature can surprise them with. Read more